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Spa Training Center in Bali

"Discover expert Spa Training in Bali - Delve into the ancient art of massage and holistic wellness amidst Bali's serene landscapes. Hands-on learning with skilled instructors. Elevate your skills in Balinese and Asian therapies.
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Seeking to learn Massage and Spa Treatments in Bali. Mandara Spa are industry leaders with over 50 Spas globally. At Mandara Spa Training Center, we’ll train you in Balinese Massage and Asian Spa therapies, whether you are a professional or looking for an exciting Bali based activity to try on holidays we have the course for you.

Born in Bali 3 decades ago, Mandara Spa embodies the philosophy of the ancient healing arts that are passed down through generations. Massage and the power of touch are truly revered in Bali and form part of the daily self-care system. It is this passion and reverence for balance and well-being that Mandara brings to every learning, healing and nurturing interaction.

About Us

For over 3 decades, Mandara Spa has been at the forefront of Spa Training in Bali, nurturing thousands of Spa Therapists worldwide. Our treatments, crafted by local healers and technique experts, offer an inspired fusion of Spa Training in Bali knowledge. Each Mandara Spa experience is a masterful blend of expert sequences, promoting profound wellness and healing.

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Why Choose Us

Mandara Spa currently operates 52 Spas in 13 countries, each year the Mandara Spa Training Center graduates 100 new therapists from a 200-hour Spa Diploma and provides refresher and advanced training for a further 200 therapists across the globe. We know training and are proud to state that we are the most experienced Spa Training environment in Bali.

Whether you wish to learn for your own personal interest or to elevate your skills to take back to your business, the Mandara Spa Training Center can confidently fulfill your needs.