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3 Interesting Massage Training Bali Courses at Mandara Spa Training Center

Most travelers love to take Balinese massage when visiting Bali. It is because they will get a full-body massage. Traditional massage techniques also target deep tissue. 

Best of all, Balinese massage also uses holistic treatment for relaxation. The good news is that you can join a massage training Bali at Mandara Spa Training Center. You will learn a variety of Balinese massage in this course. 

Bali Spa Kick Start 

Massage training Bali courses at Mandara Spa Training Center are for everyone, including beginners. Bali Spa Kick Start is one of the recommended courses for beginners. You only spend 1 day learning the basic Balinese massage. 

A professional therapist is about to teach you back and shoulder massage for 30 minutes step by step. You will also understand the reasons why your hands must target specific areas during this massage. It is also a great opportunity to taste healthy snacks, tea, and lunch that support the effect of the massage.

Best of all, you will get a Mandara Spa Training Center Certificate. So, you are not only learning the basic massage theories but also practicing them as a therapist and client. This massage course is a perfect option if you only have a limited time in Bali. 

Indonesian Healing Arts 

People can feel the effect of Balinese massage also because of the elixir therapists use while massaging them. The good news is that you can also learn the secret of traditional Balinese healing arts and elixirs used when joining massage training Bali courses. Mandara Spa Training Center provides this course for beginners, advanced, and professionals. 

You must empty your schedule for 3 days to join this interesting massage course. Imagine that you are about to learn more about botanical body treatments, such as Balinese Boreh and Javanese Lulur. It is not only about formulating the massage scrub and oil but also the way to apply it to the massage. 

Therapists also teach you how to make Jamu, a traditional Balinese healthy drink. The massage is about relaxing your body whereas Jamu will clean your body from the inside. 

Balinese Massage 

The Balinese massage course is a 5-day massage course with business standards. In this course, you learn about acupressure, skin rolling, stroking, and the use of herbal oils. It focuses on the application of 60 to 90 minutes traditional Balinese massage. You can use the knowledge and skills from this course for massage in hotels, spa centers, salons, and many more. 

Visit for more information about the interesting massage training Bali courses you can follow. Indeed, it will be a fun activity while you are in Bali.