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Experience the Excellent Spa Bali Massage Course at Mandara Spa

Bali has a lot to offer to its visitors, including the ancient healing technique you can enjoy while getting a Balinese massage. Derived from the ancient manuscripts called Usada, Balinese massage combines reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy. If you want to experience a spa Bali massage course in the proper way, Mandara Spa is the answer.

The Concept of Oneness

Mandara Spa is honoring the ancient Balinese concept of oneness. In Mandara, before they start the treatments all the therapists will always spend a few moments to connect with the guest. This will benefit both the therapists and the guests since the therapists can attune themselves to the guests’ needs and they will also give something to their inner self.

This will also be the case when two therapists are working on the same guest. They will start the treatment by touching their palms, and spending a few moments to harmonize their energies. The guest would not be able to see, but it’s one of the reasons why Balinese massage at Mandara Spa is very effective.

Mandara Spa also has the best training center for a spa Bali massage course in all of Bali. The training program here was designed with the idea of developing and balancing all the senses. The core theory behind this concept is that all the therapists should perform the massage with all the sense awareness and harmony.

The Balinese Way

Mandara Spa is currently operational in 13 countries with 52 spas, but it all started in Bali in 1995. After almost 3 decades, Mandara Spa is still maintaining its unwavering commitment to provide all the guests an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of the Balinese way. So if you’re looking for a Bali activity to do, getting an excellent Balinese massage at Mandara is not a bad idea at all.

Balinese people have the concept of wholeheartedly giving, and Mandara Spa is always making sure that their therapists never forget this concept while performing the massage. Balinese people have the tradition to always give something from the heart just like the old Balinese saying: “Giving without feeling is like food without salt.”

So if you’re looking for a spa Bali massage course where you can experience the Balinese massage being honored by the therapists, you should come to Mandara Spa. For further information, go to