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Know The Differences Between Body Spa And Body Massage

Joining massage therapist courses is a great solution for you who want to pursue a career as a massage therapist, or just want to elevate your massage skills. There are quite many training centres where you can learn to be a professional massage therapist, one of them is Mandara Spa, a Bali spa training centre.

With spa treatment becoming part of today’s modern lifestyle, spa and leisure has become one promising business. It offers at least body spa and body massage services, which most people think that both are the same. In fact, body spa and body massage have some differences.

Body Spa Vs Body Massage

Body spa is a series of body treatments that always involves massage. In other words, body spa combines massage with other body treatments from head to toe, such as hair spa, face therapy or treatment, body scrub, and nail treatment like manicure and pedicure. So, it can be said that body spa is part of beauty treatment.

While body massage is massage treatment performed with certain techniques aiming for a therapy or medication. Body massage covers manipulation in body tissues to reduce tension issues and facilitate body relaxation. It also aims to relieve stress with particular massage techniques. Note that it’s also different from reflexology.

If reflexology focuses on only one specific point on the body, body massage focuses on the whole body’s muscles, proposing to relieve tension on the muscles.

Where Body Spa Vs Body Massage Take Place

You can have a home service of body massage, but not with body spa. A body massage therapist only needs a massage oil, allowing them to take a home-service order. But if you want to have a body spa treatment, you have to go to the spa centre. Because there is quite a lot of stuff to bring, making it not possible to bring them to a client’s home. Especially, if you plan to have a head-to-toe body spa treatment.

Goals of Body Spa and Body Massage

Body spa focuses on body relaxation and beauty. It’ll make your body and mind get more relaxed and comfortable. You can have a body spa treatment as much as you need. On the other hand, as it’s said before, body massage aims to relieve symptoms of certain illnesses. It focuses on medication and therapy with particular massage techniques.

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