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Looking for Balinese Massage Course Price to Be a Massage Therapist? Choose Mandara Spa

Massage therapist is a profession with good prospects since the demand for massages is always high. You can start as a massage therapist working for someone else, and maybe one day you can open your own massage place. If you’re interested in being a massage therapist and looking for Balinese massage course price and place to learn it, Mandara Spa is the perfect place for you.

Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to treat various pain issues. With historical traditional medicine influence from China and India, Balinese massage combines skin rolling, acupressure, percussion, stroking and herbal oils to release tension, ease stress, improve blood flow and calm the mind.

You don’t have to worry to start learning Balinese massage at Mandara Spa. The course will be taught by certified and experienced instructors, and you don’t need to have prior massage experience. Start your journey with Mandara Spa and if you can complete the course successfully, you’ll get a Mandara Spa Training Center Certificate.

Asian Head Massage

You can also learn the Asian technique of head massage that brings together the healing methodologies of Bali, China, Thailand and Ayurveda. Because of the complex and delicate process of this massage, you need to have basic massage skills before learning Asian head massage.

Bali Spa Kickstart

If you’re looking for Balinese massage course price that is cheap, you should choose the Bali spa kickstart. This 1-day course will teach you how to perform a simple 30 minutes back and shoulder massage that will reduce tension, offer relaxation, encourage flexibility, and boost circulation.

This course is perfect for you who just want to learn massage for your own personal interests. You’ll start the day with learning Balinese dance, loosen up, and have a laugh. No previous massage experience is required and when you finish, you will get a Mandara Spa Training Center Certificate. It’s the perfect Bali activity to do while you’re in Bali.

If you want to know the Balinese massage course price at Mandara Spa, you can go to Mandara Spa official website for further details and information. There are also courses for Indonesian healing arts and customized spa. Mandara Spa Training Center is the best in Bali with qualified instructors, so don’t think twice to choose Mandara Spa.