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Looking for The Best Spa Training Center? Mandara Spa is The Answer

Bali is known for its rich history, culture, and spirituality. But Bali also has its own ancient technique and recipes in healing, passed down from generation to generation. Mandara Spa, the best spa training center in Bali, will teach you the unique Balinese way of massage, whether it is just for your personal interest, or to advance your professional skills.

The Bali Way

Mandara Spa is now operating with 52 spas in 13 countries, but it all started in Bali in 1995. Now almost three decades later, Mandara Spa is still maintaining its unwavering commitment to provide an experience that captures the core of the Balinese way.

Mandara Spa is always making sure that their therapists never forget the Balinese way of wholeheartedly giving while giving the massage. It is the Balinese way to give something from the heart as the old Balinese saying: “Giving without feeling is like food without salt.”

While you learn the most essential thing which is giving the massage from your heart in Mandara Spa Training Center, you will learn to master a standardized technique devised by the instructors. This includes skin rolling, stretching, long strokes, and thumb and palm pressure.

The Oneness Concept

Another ancient concept that Mandara Spa is honoring is the concept of oneness. In Mandara, the therapists will always spend a few moments to connect with the guest before they start the treatments. This benefits both the therapists and the guests since the therapists can attune themselves to the guests’ needs and they also give something to their inner self.

Mandara Spa Bali spa training has adapted the ancient recipes of healing from the ancient Balinese manuscripts called Usada to create a unique method of healing, while still honoring the ultimate source. Usada covers different topics such as rituals, mysticism, cosmology, metaphysics, and plant life.

There are different courses you can choose in Mandara Spa Training Center, such as Balinese massage, Asian head massage, Indonesians healing arts, and also customized spa courses. Being taught by a group of instructors who are skilled, certified and of course experienced, you don’t have to think twice to apply yourself and start to learn the Balinese way of healing for your own personal interests or to advance your skills as a professional. Please go visit for further detail and information.