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Looking for the Perfect Massage Balinese? Mandara Spa Is the Answer

Bali is one of the most famous islands in the world, millions of people from around the globe flock to this island every year. The main attraction of Bali is the historical, cultural and spiritual values that are spread around the beautiful island. The Balinese culture and spirit is embedded in a lot of aspects of life, including the body. When you want a massage Balinese being done the Balinese way, you should choose Mandara Spa.

The Balinese Way

Bali has a lot of different healing techniques, but most of them are based on Usada. Usada are the ancient manuscripts made from palm leaves that cover a lot of topics such as rituals, cosmology, metaphysics, mysticism and even plant life. 

Some of the healing techniques, especially those involving plants for healing purposes, were passed down among families to younger generations. Mandara Spa, committed to honor the Balinese cultural and spiritual ways, has adapted these amazing healing techniques for you who want to get the traditional body treatments.

Balinese people also have another fundamental value about their way of life, which is oneness, and Mandara Spa also draws inspiration from this concept. Before getting massage Balinese, your therapist would spend a few moments to connect with you and let you relax. The connection between guest and therapist will let the therapist give the guest exactly what they need, but also get something for their own inner self.

This would also happen when two therapists are working together on a guest. The two therapists would start the treatment by taking a few moments, touching the guest’s palm in order to harmonize the energy between them. The guest would not be able to see it, but this process is very important to the treatment. This process is being taught to future therapists with Balinese massage course.

Why Choose Mandara Spa?

Mandara Spa was founded in 1995 in Bali, and a year later its first spa was inaugurated in Ubud. From that moment until now, Mandara Spa has always maintained the unwavering commitment to provide its guests with an experience that captures the essence and values of Bali. 

The purpose of Mandara Spa as the best massage Balinese provider in Bali is to relax the guests, ensuring an unforgettable experience, and enhanced sense of well-being using the ancient and spiritual Balinese way.