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Massage Therapist: Job ,Skill, and More

Joining a spa training package can be a fun way to learn a new skill. In Bali, there are quite many spa training centers, such as Mandara Spa. Mandara Spa has been at the forefront of spa training in Bali, nurturing thousands of professional spa and massage therapists worldwide. As one of top tier of massage training Bali, they offer various training packages suitable for beginners to all levels.

For you who are interested in being a professional massage therapist, here is what you need to know about this profession.

What is a Massage Therapist?

A massage therapist is a professional who has practiced massage and is able to perform a relaxing technique, heal an injury, reduce stress, improve their health physically and mentally. This professional uses a variety of massage techniques to meet the client’s needs and preferences. Therefore, one of the important things about a massage therapist is to evaluate the condition of each client who will use their service.

As a massage therapist, evaluating clients’ condition can help to create an effective therapy plan. In a spa center, a massage therapist doesn’t only have jobs to massage clients, but also provide other treatments, especially related to beauty, such as facial treatment and body treatment like body mask and body scrub.

Jobs and Responsibilities of Massage Therapists

Evaluating clients’ conditions by taking a look at their health history, physical condition, and health problems they have.

Creating an effective therapy plan based on the evaluation, such as deciding the technique and strength level of the massage, and parts of the body to be massaged.

Applying various massage techniques with hands and tools to relieve muscle tension and make clients feel relaxed.

Effectively communicating with clients by listening, understanding their preferences, and making adjustments to the given massage therapy.

Educating and recommending clients about exercises that they can do to maintain their physical health.

Making sure that the massage place and tools are all clean and sterile for clients.

Skills That a Massage Therapist Must Have

Physical Strength and Endurance

This is important as a massage therapist will use their body to produce power and massage by doing repetitive movements. Physical endurance means that the ability to massage a number of clients a day within a certain duration.

Communication Skill

As it’s said before, a massage therapist should listen to their clients and communicate important information to them. This skill is needed especially to create a bond between the therapist and the clients for creating a cozy environment for the clients.

In Mandara Spa training center, you’ll be taught those things above in their spa training package.