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Take the Best Spa Bali Courses at Mandara Spa Training Center

Bali is not only popular because of its outstanding nature views but also its massages and spas. Indeed, travelers feel the benefits of taking Balinese massages and therapies even on their first trial. The best part is that you can’t only take the best spa Bali treatment but also learn to be a therapist. 

It can be an interesting Bali activity while enjoying nature and cuisine. Here are some Balinese spa therapies and massages you can learn at Mandara Spa Training Center. 

Balinese Massage 

No doubt! Balinese massage is one of the most famous treatments travelers want to do when visiting Bali. This traditional massage offers more than just an ordinary massage. The therapists are about to combine some methods, such as acupressure, stroking, skin rolling, and percussion while treating their clients.

You will directly feel the effect of the massage also because of the use of healing herbal oils. This massage is also well-known because of its health benefits. It helps to improve blood flow, reduce stress tension, relieve tension, and even calm your mind. The good news is that Mandara Spa Training Center offers you to learn this Balinese massage for five days! 

Balinese Effleurage Method 

Learning the best spa Bali methods will be incomplete without learning Balinese effleurage. It is also a popular massage technique because of the benefits to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Balinese people even still practice this massage method to keep their blood pressure normal. 

Those who suffer from hypertension also take this massage to reduce blood tension. Imagine if you know the way to do Balinese effleurage step by step. Yes! You can only learn the secret of this traditional massage at Mandara Spa Training Center. 

Make Ancient Balinese Elixir 

Balinese massage and spa are not only about treating the outside of the body but also cleaning the inside of the body. Because of that, Balinese massages and spa therapies use elixir. The therapists make traditional elixir from a variety of herbs. 

The herbs are believed to have a lot of health benefits to the body. It makes the massage and spa therapies perfect. As a result, you get the best result from this traditional Balinese treatment. 

Mandara Spa Training Center is about to teach you how to make an ancient Balinese elixir. It sounds great if you can make the elixir by yourself and consume it regularly to keep your health.   

Get the complete information about the best spa Bali courses at Mandara Spa Training Center by visiting You are about to get more than you expect while joining these massage and spa therapy courses.