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The Bali Influence

Mandara Spa was established in Bali in 1995, inaugurating its first spa in 1996 at The Chedi in Ubud, now recognized as Alila Ubud. The core idea behind Mandara Spa was, and still remains, to provide a spa experience that encapsulates the essence of the Balinese way of wholehearted giving. Although Mandara Spa has extended its presence to other countries and introduced treatments inspired by diverse Asian cultures, the original concept continues to underpin all its endeavors.

Kiki Dewi, the Training Manager at Mandara Spa, is deeply dedicated to her role and values the opportunity it affords her to impart elements of Balinese culture to the spa's patrons. "Mandara Spa aims to relax guests, enabling them to attain an enhanced sense of well-being and ensuring an unforgettable experience. We achieve this in the Balinese tradition, wholeheartedly." Massage is ingrained in the fabric of life in Bali. Within families, it serves as a means of communication and bonding, and it is frequently practiced from an early age. The objective is to foster harmony of body, mind, and spirit, fortifying the bond between the giver and the receiver.

Kiki Dewi explains how this philosophy is incorporated into the Mandara Spa training experience. "In the spa training environment, consistency is paramount. We offer Balinese Massage as a treatment training, and we have devised a standardized technique that our therapists must master. This technique incorporates stretching, long strokes, skin rolling, as well as palm and thumb pressure, which are commonly employed in village massages and are already familiar to our therapists. Yet, the most crucial element remains the inherently Balinese practice of giving from the heart." An old Balinese saying encapsulates this sentiment: "Giving without feeling is like food with no salt."