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The Concept of Oneness

Drawing on the concept of oneness, the Mandara Spa therapists will always take a few moments to relax and connect with the guest before the treatment begins. This connection allows them to attune themselves to the guest’s needs and to give something of their own inner self. Likewise, whenever two therapists are working together on one guest, such as in the signature Mandara Massage, the therapists will always begin the treatment by touching palms and taking a few moments to concentrate on harmonizing their energies. Again, the guest will not see this but it is a part of what makes the treatment so effective.

Spas everywhere strive to provide their guests with a sensory experience. In Bali, the senses are honed from an early age and each one is considered equally important. To live in harmony, one must develop and balance all of the senses. The Mandara Spa training program was designed with this in mind, and it is as much to create harmony for the therapist as it is for the guest. The theory behind this is that to give the best possible treatment the therapist must do so with all of the senses aware and in harmony.

Traditionally, most Balinese healing techniques come from the ancient palm-leaf manuscripts called usada. The manuscripts are both theoretical and practical and cover such topics as metaphysics, cosmology, mysticism, plant life and rituals. The Balian’s form of folk healing draws on these manuscripts. Some of the secrets, particularly those related to healing with plants, are passed down within the family as the need to use them arises. Mandara Spa has adapted some of these ancient healing recipes for their traditional body treatments